Diabetes Diet Myths

Diabetes Or Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Diet MythsDiabetes Mellitus or Diabetes as it is more commonly known is predominantly a metabolic disorder which is best characterized by a triad of increasing thirst, urination and hunger.

A lifestyle disease disorder Diabetes is known to be triggered off by increasing weight around the waist and a sedentary lifestyle.

The incidence of this potentially incapacitating disease condition continues to grow in developed and developing countries alike. Thus it is not surprising that there is an array of myths surrounding this lifestyle disorder.

Below we will discuss the three Diabetes diet myths.

Three Diabetes Diet Myths

MYTH # 1

If you are overweight you will eventually get Type II Diabetes

FACT – There is more to adult onset diabetes or Type II diabetes as it is more commonly connoted. Obesity or being overweight is a major risk factor but not enough in isolation. Experts are of the opinion that there are spectra of risk factors which can trigger off diabetes like being overweight, family history of diabetes, ethnicity and most importantly age.


MYTH # 2

If you are diabetic then you should switch to a diabetic diet.

FACT – A healthy diet for those with diabetes is no different from a healthy diet for those without it too. Typically a healthy balanced diet for diabetics and non-diabetics alike should be low in saturated and Transfats. Concurrently the salt and sugar intake would need to be moderate. In essence a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is advocated. The logic being that all diets will increase the glucose content so exercise caution and ensure that the quantity and the timing of the meals is not altered.


MYTH # 3

Diabetics cannot eat sweet or sugars.

FACT – This could not be further from the truth considering the fact that recent advances in endocrinology have now proved beyond doubt that there are no ‘out of bound’ foods. The latest advisory states that diabetics can have chocolates and sweets provided that they consume them in moderation and preferably save them for a special occasion. The rider being that adequate exercise should be a part of their daily routine.

Thus it is evident that although a lifestyle disease condition, diabetes is definitely not incapacitating provided a healthy lifestyle is adopted more as a lifetime commitment rather than as a one-time fix.


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