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Caring Enough to Have the Right Snack

Healthy Organic Jerky Snack
Jerky Direct Healthy Jerky Snack

Snacking is the bane of anyone trying to eat right or make a positive change. To build muscle tissue, lose fat, and have a better looking mental outlook you need quality sources of protein. While food is everywhere in the United States and Canada the choices aren’t always good for you. Even those selections, which should suit your dietary needs are often loaded with additives you want to avoid. Looking for the right brand is one way of ensuring food quality. Jerky Direct high protein jerky is one of the choices to look for when hoping to find a quality jerky snack.

Ending the Jerky Debate

Body builders have debated for decades about beef or turkey jerky snack options from Jerky Direct. The problem with most of these dried meat and poultry products is the treatment they receive. First, most come from lesser cuts of beef, or parts of a turkey no one wants to eat. Secondly, chemicals are added that can deter anyone serious about quality to question eating it. What keeps this debate fueled is jerky’s real nutritional value.

What’s in Real Jerky?

Real jerky is made with choice cuts of beef and turkey. It should be smoked slowly rather than quickly dehydrated. Smoked varieties have the time to take on the taste of spices and the smoke used to render it. This gives the meat or turkey a flavorful taste, which makes it a more satisfying choice than other high protein options. All-natural high protein jerky is handmade in USDA certified smokehouse. Quality top round beef seasoned with spices and then actually slow smoked for a perfect taste makes this a superior choice for a snack that’s high in protein.

Why a Jerky Snack?

Between meals, it’s natural to get hungry. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon, especially, are crunch times when the body needs extra energy. The stomach will grumble, and images of sugary treats start to plague the mind. Beef or turkey jerky will not increase the levels of insulin in the body. When this type of food is selected the calories are burned for energy and aren’t stored as extra fat. When jerky doesn’t contain MSG, fructose, or other additives, it’s the perfect solution for a between meal supplement or jerky snack.