MCA Medical Discount Card

Motor Club of America Card’s health and emergency room benefits and free Discount Card for vision, dental and other services. Talk to an Independent Representative of MCA that covers Mandeville, Madisonville, Hammond, Walker, Denham Springs, Baton Rouge, Metairie and Kenner, Louisiana. Join us as we help you build your business using the MCA Medical discounts that are available with the different plans.

MCA Delivers Motor Club And Health Type Benefits

MCA Medical Benefits Motor Club Of America MCA
MCA Medical Motor Club Of America

The MCA Motor Club of America insures you against a wide range of regular and potential expenses connected with your private passenger vehicle. Whether you require emergency road services, travel assistance reimbursement or even assistance with trip planning, MCA has coverage. It even provides you with legal assistance in road related cases. In addition to all of the above, it also provides comprehensive health benefits, Emergency room benefits and a free discount card for vision, dental and other services.

MCA Medical Discount Card For Emergency Room Visits

If you have to visit the Emergency room within 72 hours of an accident on the road, MCAs Security Membership provides $500 Emergency cash to cover the Emergency room and Trauma center expenses, including up to $100 for cast or splints, ambulance services, anesthetics, X-rays and ER facilities. In case of hospitalization, $150 per day for up to 365 consecutive days of hospitalization is provided. MCA members and their families are also eligible to enroll for accidental death benefit coverage provided by the One Beacon Insurance Group.

MCA Medical Health Benefits Include Vision Care Plus More

The free discount card for health-related services provides a wide range of coverage. For vision care, lenses and frames are available at up to 50% off the retail price. Contact lenses have a discount of up to 20%. There are 20-40% discounts on nearly all dentists’ fees and members can save up to 50% on the cost of prescriptions. Leading surgical specialists have pre-negotiated fees for MCA members, with savings of up to 50%. The same applies to over 410,000 physicians, where fees are discounted at up to 30% and there are also discounted fees at MRI and lab facilities. For a nominal fee, virtual access to doctors is provided at any time of day or night. Discounts on diabetic supplies, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs are provided to help members pursue healthy lives. Patient advocates are provided to help negotiate lowered medical bills, without affecting insurance ratings. MCA Medical Benefits can be a big help under certain circumstances that some plans do not cover.

MCA Medical Motor Club Of America
MCA Medical Motor Club Of America

Some people like the MCA Medical benefits so much that they sign up to become independent representatives. As a rep you can make as much as $80 for everyone you bring on board. You then receive residual monthly and yearly commissions when people renew their membership. Get started in business from home with your own MCA Medical discount and emergency roadside assistance plan.