Caveman Diet

Caveman Diet
Caveman Diet

The caveman diet also known as the “paleo diet” which is a diet that the early man used to eat in the early stone age. It is a high protein diet and a high fibre diet plan. The diet is based mainly on the type of food that could easily be hunted,gathered and fished. This kind of food includes: vegetables,game meat,tree nuts and fish.

The paleo diet helps you to loose weight without cutting down calories. Foods eaten in this type of diet includes fresh lean meat and fish,seeds,fruits,vegetables and healthier fats and oils such as coconut oil.

Avoid Processed Foods On The Caveman Diet

Any processed food is not allowed on this type of diet. Foods such as dairy,wheat,legumes such as beans and peanuts should be avoided completely. Other types of foods to avoid includes: salt,potatoes and refined sugar.

Sometimes the caveman diet is hard to follow since game meat is not always readily available and most of the modern food is cultivated rather than left grow by themselves in the wild and also most meats are domesticated. This diet emphasizes on a high intake of meat,seafood and vegetables.

Good for a laugh. Collage kids do a caveman video for the diet.

Salty food is not allowed when one is following the caveman diet, this is to help to cut down sodium in the body. You would need to check food sodium level on the food labels if you decide to eat packed foods. Those who love eating sugary and sweet things should learn to eat honey or coconut palm sugar to ease their cravings for sweet things. It should be noted that sugary and sweet foods should be taken in reasonable quantities.

A diet that contains unprocessed food is the basis of a healthy diet. If a caveman diet brings out the best in you in terms of health, you should consider supplementing the diet with calcium and vitamin D.

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